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Revistas internacionales indexadas en JCR

1.    An Integration Architecture of Virtual Campuses with External e-Learning Tools. (2014) Navarro, A., Cigarrán, J., Huertas, F., Rodríguez-Artacho, M.A., Cogolludo, A. In Journal of Educational Technology and Society, (en prensa)

2.    An Architecture for Retrieving and Organizing Web Resources for Didactic Purposes  (2012) J. Mayorga, J. Vélez, M. Rodriguez-Artacho, J. Cigarrán, Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology. 183--201. 2012.

Revistas internacionales

1.    LTCS (Learning Technologies and Collaborative Systems) (2012)  M. Rodríguez-Artacho, J. Cigarrán, E. Lorenzo, R. Centeno, IE Comunicaciones Revista Iberoamericana de Informática Educativa. 113--122. 2012.

2.    Producción de Contenidos y Autoría Basada en Estándares de e-learning  (2011) M. Rodríguez-Artacho, S. Ros-Muñoz, R. Hernández-Berlinches, IEEE-RITA. 133--139. 2011.

Congresos internacionales

1.    A cluster-based analisys to diagnose student's learning achievements  (2013) M. Rodriguez-Artacho, L. Robles Pedrozo, Proceedings of the IEEE EDUCON 2013 Conference. 2013.

2.    A Framework for Helping Developers in the Integration of External Tools into Virtual Learning Environments  (2013) E. Lorenzo, R. Centeno, M. Artacho, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Technological Ecosystem for Enhancing Multiculturality. 127--132. 2013.

3.    Retrieving Open Learning Resources into a Modular Virtual Campus (2012) Navarro, A., Rodríguez-Artacho, M., Huertas, F., Cigarrán, J.  IADIS International Conference e-Learning 2012, 17-20 julio, Lisboa, Portugal, 2012.

4.    An application for the collaborative development of semantic content   (2011) M. Rodriguez-Artacho, P. Lapo, I. Roa,  IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE). T4E-1--T4E-6. 2011.

5.    Modelling the Aggregation of Multimedia Data to Connect the Inputs and Outcomes of a Variety of Tools  (2011) E. Lorenzo, M. Verdejo, Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT), 2011 11th IEEE International Conference on. 381--383. 2011.

6.    Using Collaborative Concept Maps for Coordination and Knowledge-sharing in Learning Communities for Science (2011)  E. Lorenzo, M. Rodriguez-Artacho, B. Barros 2011 11th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT). 558--562. 2011.

7.    The UNED's interoperable virtual campus service management architecture (2010)  S. Ros, R. Hernández, T. Read, R. Pastor, M. Castro, M. Rodriguez-Artacho, A. Robles-Gomez, Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), 2010 IEEE. S3J-1--S3J-6. 2010.

8.    Enhancing authoring, modelling and collaboration in e-learning environments: UNED research outline in the context of E-Madrid excellence network (2010) M. Rodriguez-Artacho, J. Mayorga, T. Read, J. Vélez, S. Ros, C. Rodrigo, E. Lorenzo, J. Delgado, E. Barcena, M. Castro-Gil, S. Martin, C. Molina, IEEE Education Engineering (EDUCON), 2010. 1137--1144. 2010.

9.    Semantic Search in Institutional Repositories: A Case Study Using DSpace and Moodle (2010) D. Roa, P. Lapo, M. Rodriguez-Artacho, CSREA EEE. 356--365. 2010.

10.    Retrieval and Clustering of Web Resources Based on Pedagogical Objectives  (2010) J. Mayorga, J. Cigarrán, M. Rodriguez-Artacho, Avances en Ingenieria del software aplicada al e-learning. 1--7. 2010.

11.    CARDS: A Metamodel Approach to Aggregate Outcomes of Learning Tools (2010) E. Lorenzo, M. Verdejo, IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT). 156--157. 2010.

12.    An adaptive multi-agent based architecture for engineering education (2010) D. Jara-Roa, P. Valdiviezo-Díaz, M. Agila-Palacios, C. Sarango-Lapo, M. Rodriguez-Artacho, Education Engineering (EDUCON), 2010 IEEE. 217--222. 2010.

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